Marutiak Law Office

Owosso’s Injury and Social Security Lawyer

For Nearly Three Decades!

The Law Office of Patrick J. Marutiak is dedicated to your success and will work quickly to sort out the issues.  Our only goal is to protect your rights.  We are committed to service and value.

Patrick Marutiak offers three decades of experience and knowledge and specializes in injury and disability claims only.  This includes automobile accidents, work related injuries, and Social Security disability.  Our entire practice has been and continues to be devoted to these areas of law.

Though we are happy to give advice or refer other matters such as divorce and criminal law to other attorneys, we handle injury and disability cases only.  Whoever you choose to hire, we recommend you find an attorney who specializes in injury work.  Just as you would not go to a plumber for electrical work, you should not go to a divorce attorney for an automobile accident.

We have handled million dollar cases frequently and have ready access to experts such as accident reconstruction experts, vocational rehabilitation specialists, medical examiners, and others.

Shiawassee County’s Accident and Disability Attorney

Our office regularly handles claims in Shiawassee County and surrounding areas.  A common misconception is that people need an “out-of-town” lawyer because local ones either have a conflict or work together.  This is not true.  Most of the work we do involves working against out-of-town lawyers who have no connection to the area because they represent insurance companies.  Given our focus of practice, we file claims against virtually every employer and insurance company around.  Rather than a conflict, this is exactly our specialty.

Let us protect your rights! We have handled hundreds of difficult cases with great results. We are aggressive and fight to win.

If you need our help or have any questions, call us.  We are here for you and look forward to serving you soon.

–        The Law Office of Patrick J. Marutiak