Episode 13 – Michigan No Fault Catastrophic Claims


Catastrophic Claims Under Michigan No-Fault Law

Michigan No-Fault law has a section called catastrophic claims. These are for claims of people that are seriously injured in an automobile accident and their expenses are over half a million dollars.

What Happens With Catastrophic Claims In Michigan?

In cases like this, each case is assigned a new insurance company through what is called the catastrophic claims, and they pay for medical expenses for the rest of that person’s life for any injury related to the automobile accident.

How Are Catastrophic Claims Funded In The State Of Michigan?

This is funded by each of us through the cars we owe. If you have no fault insurance on a motor vehicle, currently, you’re paying roughly two hundred dollars a year extra and that money funds the catastrophic claims. it’s an excellent program that helps the seriously injured.

It Is Important To Keep Catastrophic Claims As Law In Michigan!

Sometimes there’s a challenge to this program due to its cost, however, and there’s been the discussion of trying to change the law in Michigan. So if it ever comes up, you’ll know what it means when they talk about catastrophic claims – it covers the very seriously injured. It’s extremely important to have and Michigan should keep it. There’s arguments that it could be managed better, but it’s a good program and should be kept in place. I encourage you to contact your state representatives and senators to support the program if there’s another challenge to it.

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