Episode 6 – Michigan Dog Bite Law Overview

Dog Bites Are Strict Liability Claims in Michigan

There are not many areas in the law that have strict liability, meaning that you have an automatic claim against someone for your injury. Dog bites are one of these areas. If you are bitten by someone else’s dog, you automatically have a case against the owner of that animal.

The Exception to Liability of Dog Owners

There’s only one exception to this that exception is if you provoked the dog or animal. In other words, you get them to bite you by playing aggressively with him, kicking him something along those lines. Otherwise, even if you’re just trying to pet the dog or walk by a dog and you get bit, the owner is responsibleWhat this means is they have to pay for any damages that you incur because of the bite.  This would include medical bills, pain and suffering, wage loss and more.

What You Need to do if You Suffer A Dog Bite in Michigan

The first thing you want to do if you are a bit by an animal is investigate what the animals owner’s insurance covers. That is what it comes down to in most cases, whether or not the owner has the proper insurance. Many dog owners do not. Many dog owners do not have a license for their animal, let alone insurance. There may be other types of insurance you can tap into. For example, if a dog owner is living with someone else who has insurance, it’s possible you may be able to tap into that.

So the key is investigating the claim immediately and getting medical treatment immediately. Then the issue is really just one of damages and how much it would take to make you whole.

If you’re bitten by a dog or really any animal that’s owned by another individual, have it investigated immediately. The owner of that animal has a strict liability against you for the entry, investigate the claim immediately for insurance coverage and damages.

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