Episode 9 – Workers’ Comp Wage Calculations In Michigan


How are workers compensation wages determined? If you’re injured on the job and off work you’re entitled to wages but it isn’t full pay. Most people tell me is that as far as they’re concerned, their understanding is they get 80% of their pay. 

How Workman’s Comp Wages Are Calculated In Michigan

How it really works is this: They go by a formula – if you work someplace for over a year. You take the highest 39 weeks of the last 52 weeks you worked and average it out. We then plug that into a formula based on whether or not you’re married or single, or have dependent children. That is what we call your average weekly wage and your benefits are based on that.

The Maximum Worker’s Comp Benefit In Michigan Is $900

Currently, in Michigan, the highest you can be paid in workers compensation benefits is $900 a week. Every year they change the average weekly wage and increase typically the rate. How it works out for most people is generally 80% – but its 80% of your take-home pay – or 60% of your gross. This is not a rule. This is just a guideline. The formula determines how much you’re entitled to. 

How Much Am I Entitled To If I Worked Less Than A Year?  

If you worked in a place that you’re injured at for less than a year, they just add up the number of weeks you worked and divide that out by how much you made in those weeks. So if you were 10 weeks made $2,000 your average pay is $200.

Exceptions To The Michigan Workers’ Comp Rule

There are always exceptions to that. For example, if you get hurt the first week at work and or even the first day you worked, in those cases, it depends what you were hired for. Even in those cases, the average pay generally comes out to 60% of your gross. There are other factors as well – whether or not you’re entitled to fringe benefits such as health insurance, sick pay, disability pay things of this nature, that may or may not change your rate. As it currently stands though, no matter how much you made the most you can get from workers compensation is $900.

How Can I Figure What My Workers’ Comp Benefits Are?

The best way to determine this is to have it reviewed by someone that knows how to calculate this mathematically.  I can guarantee you any workers compensation attorney knows how to do that. If you ever have any questions on your rate whether or not you’re being paid correctly. Give me a call. 989-725-8118

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