Podcast Episode 11 – Auto Owner Liability In Michigan

Automobile Insurance And Owner Liability in Michigan

If you own a motor vehicle, you’re responsible for anybody that that vehicle hurts, which means essentially, if you loan the car to somebody and they get in an accident, you’re responsible as the owner of that vehicle, hence owner liability. It’s not important so much as to whether you’re driving or someone else is driving. Whether the car is involved is yours is the issue.

Do Not Register A Vehicle In More Than One Name In Michigan

A lot of people who are married have more than one vehicle. Many people have a vehicle and both their names. I do not recommend that!  You should never have a vehicle and both the husband and wife’s name or spouse and spouse.  Only register a car in one name. You put the insurance in both names, but not the vehicle. The reason is this: Someone gets in an accident in that car that’s in both your names. That means both of you could be sued for that accident. If they get a judgment against you, they can then go after property that’s in both your names, such as your house. If only one name is on that vehicle and the house is in both your names, you have some protections. Don’t give up those protections by putting the car in both your names. One name, one vehicle.

What If Someone Takes My Car Without My Permission?

Someone’s driving your vehicle without your permission. Then you’re not responsible at all. So if you ever have any questions, give me a call (989) 725-8118.

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